The wild Ones

Teach us herd behavior

Community rules and lessons

An how to live in harmony

As a herd...of two

I teach what the wild ones know,

So you can learn to develop the horse you imagined, the one who gets you, the one you finally understand.

Developing a Bond

Is of primary importance.

Then a trusting relationship.

Respect, Willingness and Leadership come next.

But it's shaped only from a unity of mind, heart and spirit..and time.

What is Freedom Horsemanship

A way with the horse that brings equality to the partnership. Horses and humans developing a relationship that is friendly, trusting, caring, empathetic, progressive, honest and dynamic.

Freeing up the horse, preserving their  spirit, connecting to their heart and developing agreements on how to work and play together in a non-dominant and fearless way.

It takes time, love and willingness of the human to let go of fear and the desire to rule unconditionally. It is a new freedom for the horse and human.

Can you imagine a relationship with your horse that bring out it's best and your best?

Shift into a new paradigm, a new reality with horses, right from the herd to your heart.

See Freedom Horsemanship Page.  

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The HORSE is always the teacher,  

We are the students

Still under heavy construction folks...but stay tuned, there is plenty to come back for in coming days and weeks!